SHAPE: Adapted Performance Wear

Clothing development is done on the base of measurement tables which are based on the average body size of the population. This makes these clothes will not fit for populations with proportions that are very different from the average (i.e. athletes in different disciplines, people with disabilities, or individuals with a specific profession). This is not only disadvantageous at the level of aesthetics and the comfort of the wearer, but has also disastrous consequences for the efficacy of specific products, such as orthoses, compression garments and some intelligent textile products used for monitoring of, for example vital functions. As not to lose their functionality, such products require a perfect fit.

The outcome of this project is twofold. It involves the development of a tool that allows companies to independently create personalized measurement tables and patterns for populations whose proportions vary significantly from the average population. This allows companies to develop comfortable, well-fitting sports clothes and orthoses for various applications and target groups with a guaranteed efficacy. This tool will also allow companies who make more general clothing to cater easily to the increasing demand of personalized clothing. Furthermore we want to explore the concept of compression, support and restriction of certain movements by the use elastic materials.

In this project the following research questions will be answered:

To answer these questions, the tasks and the research objectives are:

The target groups of this study are primarily textile- and clothing companies that develop materials, sportswear, compression stockings and –clothing and support garments and orthoses for revalidation.
In addition we focus on companies that (like to) bring customised clothing (blouses, shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, jackets) into the market. The main value for these companies will exist in the knowledge of the size and morphology of their target group, the knowledge to develop specific body measurement tables and patterns, knowledge and processing of new materials for compression and the knowledge of new methods to evaluate compression.

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